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Optimizing Grid-Connected Converters for Stability

Updated: Jun 18

GFL and GFM inverters play pivotal roles in controlling real and reactive power within grid systems. Understanding their dynamics is crucial for ensuring stability and efficiency.

🔄 Differential Control Mechanisms: GFL inverters utilize current injection with phase-locked loops (PLL) for grid phase angle tracking, while GFM inverters act as controllable voltage sources behind coupling reactance, akin to grid-tied synchronous generators. Voltage source inverters with droop characteristics enable direct voltage and frequency control.

Power Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) Solutions: Tackling Instability Issues in Microgrids

📊 Impact of Grid Impedance: High grid impedance can disrupt inverter current control loops, leading to sustained harmonic resonance or instability issues. The graph below illustrates how grid impedance affects stability, emphasizing the importance of mitigating these effects.

🔍 Assessing Stability: In the paper referenced bellow titled "Impedance-Based Stability Criterion for Grid-Connected Inverters", the authors highlight the significance of examining the ratio of grid impedance to inverter output impedance. Meeting the Nyquist stability criterion is essential for maintaining stability in interconnected source-load systems.

🛠 Real-Time Emulation and Analysis: Dive into real-time emulation and analysis of your grid-connected converters with Impedyme's state-of-the-art Combined Hardware and Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop (CHP) technology. Our PHIL solutions offer a secure testing environment for comprehensive evaluations, enhancing your inverter's reliability and performance.

🔬 Enhanced Testing Capabilities: Experience high-fidelity simulations and swift communication between models and setups with our advanced systems. Our real-time CHP emulation allows for in-depth analysis of transients and dynamics, facilitating effective impedance measurement and characteristic analysis.

🔍 Explore Impedyme's Solutions: Unlock the potential of your grid-connected converters and optimize their reliability with Impedyme's CHP and PHIL testing solutions.

Ready to elevate your inverter's performance? Your search ends here! Experience the seamless integration of your inverter's MATLAB Simulink models with Impedyme's CHP series. Visit to learn more!



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