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Impedyme's new Sensor Box is essential for developing and validating environmental sensors such as radar, cameras, and lidar, as well as for the broader validation of ADAS and autonomous driving functions. It supports a variety of ECU interfaces for data insertion, which is crucial for validating perception and fusion algorithms that rely on raw data. The Sensor Box facilitates both over-the-air testing and direct insertion of raw data or target lists. It is designed for both closed-loop and open-loop testing, offering advanced sensor simulation capabilities that deliver synthetic sensor data with high realism and low latency. This feature is particularly valuable for HIL simulation in autonomous driving applications. Additionally, the Sensor Box's ability to handle data replay and sensor simulation either simultaneously or sequentially on the same HIL simulator and PHIL tests is a significant advantage.

Sensor Box

​The Impedyme CHP Series 600 (High-Voltage High-Frequency Battery Test and Emulation System) with modular architecture and advanced thermal management system is a highly efficient system based on state-of-the-art technology and allows to realistically emulate the environment of the future battery pack application to test the high-power battery pack comprehensively and improve its functions and safety.

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